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能源 解决方案

The power sector needs cleaning up, but it won’t do it by itself. We need good policies—and real solutions.

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The power sector needs cleaning up, but it won’t do it by itself. We need good policies—and real solutions.


with a renewable electricity standard

2018年,美国风力发电提供的电力大约是十年前的六倍. Solar panels are on some 2 million US rooftops. In total, renewable energy accounts for about a fifth of all US electricity.

Entrepreneurship, 创新, 努力517888九五至尊娱乐有助于解释清洁能源在电力行业的一些成功. 但强有力的州和联邦政策是另一个重要组成部分——我们现在比以往任何时候都更需要它们.

Policies can provide long-term clarity to investors. They help stabilize electricity prices. 它们有助于确保该国减少足够多的温室气体排放,以避免617888九五至尊娱乐变化带来的最严重影响.


减少温室气体排放的最好方法之一就是给它们定价, 通常通过碳税或污染交易计划(“限额与交易”). 这两种方法都利用市场为碳污染寻找货币价值, 这样,当消费者或企业做出经济选择时,617888九五至尊娱乐影响的成本就能更好地反映出来.

碳定价 policies aren’t perfect. Without thoughtful design, they can pass costs to low-income households, 甚至会增加已经受到污染困扰的社区的有毒气体排放. 设计一个有效的碳价格需要对这些和其他环境正义问题给予高度关注, in close collaboration with impacted communities.

能源 standards

另一个有效的政策选择是设定零碳或超低碳电力的技术目标. 通常, 这些要求电力供应商在10到30年的时间里从合格的来源提供越来越多的电力.

“可再生电力标准”或“可再生能源组合标准”要求公用事业公司从可再生能源中获取一定比例的电力, 比如风, 太阳能, 和地热. “清洁能源标准”或“低碳电力标准”也可能包括核电等技术, large-scale hydropower, or carbon capture and storage.

税收抵免 & 激励

新技术面临着从研究实验室到现实世界的艰难过渡. 补贴, 激励, loan guarantees, 其他工具可以帮助清洁能源公司与煤炭的政治和经济力量竞争, 气体, and oil industries.

选择包括国家层面的补贴,比如风电的“生产税收抵免”, 是什么帮助风能产业转变为能源产业——以更小的州或城市层面的激励措施, such as rebates or sales tax exemptions for 太阳能 panels and electric cars.

研究 & 发展

美国有十几个国家能源实验室,从事从氢燃料电池到电动机的各种研究, to nuclear fusion and advanced battery technologies.


其他 policies

能源部门庞大而复杂,跨越许多司法管辖区. No single policy can cover all the important areas of focus; rather, multiple complementary policies must combine to create a sustainable, 公平, long-term framework.

其他 energy policies include efficiency standards for buildings and appliances; “net metering,” which allows electric ratepayers to generate their own power and sell it back to the grid; pollution standards for coal and other fossil fuel plants; and regulations for methane, which can escape from 气体 infrastructure.

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