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What we're facing

The US power sector is undergoing a transformation. Cheap, clean, renewable sources of electricity are on the rise, while dirtier sources like coal are on their way out. New gas plants and pipelines are being built, 而这个国家的核电站面临着不确定的未来.

危在旦夕的不仅仅是电力结构,还有地球的未来. 电力部门是致癌空气污染的主要来源, 也是美国第二大二氧化碳排放源. If we do nothing to clean it up, 我们谴责自己面临617888九五至尊娱乐变化的最严重后果.

But progress isn’t easy. 根深蒂固的特殊利益集团正在反对可再生能源. Utilities are overbuilding gas infrastructure. Impacted communities aren’t being consulted. And to add as much low-carbon power as we need, we need an updated, 现代化的电网,而不是我们今天的旧电网.

我们现在做出的选择将伴随我们几代人. You can help.

Get involved

What you can do:

Invest in energy efficiency

The first step to reducing your energy footprint? Use energy more wisely. 像给阁楼和墙壁隔热或购买节能电器这样的小步骤都能起到很大的作用.

Buy renewable power

如果你有自己的房子,考虑购买或租赁太阳能电池板——它们可以收回成本. “绿色能源”或社区太阳能项目也允许你支持对风能和太阳能的投资.

Support clean energy policies

州和联邦的政策制定者一直在对清洁能源做出决定——他们需要听取你们的意见. 让你的声音被听到:写信并打电话给你选出的官员, participate in local meetings, and, above all, vote.


Sally Jewell, former US secretary of the interior

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