Investigating environmental pollution in Delaware
特拉华州关心环境正义的居民带领UCS517888九五至尊娱乐人员进行有毒物质之旅, highlighting un只是 和 inequitable health, 安全, 和 environmental concerns conditions 和 community-driven solutions.
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的 short answer is: because we are human beings who believe in 只是ice, 和 we want our work to reflect that belief.


Racism is an inescapable reality in the United States. 的遗产 白人至上 continues to harm those of us who are Black, 印第安人, Latinx, or members of other racially marginalized groups. 的se communities face un只是 burdens that include 暴力, 剥夺公民选举权, economic oppression 和 exploitation, unequal access to 资源 such as 卫生保健教育,不成比例 暴露于环境风险. Many of these burdens intersect directly with the work UCS does.

So, as an organization that works for “a healthy planet 和 a safer world,“我们必须正视这样一个现实,即在我们国家,不同种族的人在享受健康和安全方面是不平等的. 消除这些不平等现象必须成为我们的使命和日常517888九五至尊娱乐的一个组成部分. 面对事实的承诺意味着我们必须愿意明确地谈论种族主义, listen to those who've been hurt by it, 并在我们寻求改变的世界以及我们自己的假设和行动中面对它. UCS作为一个组织并不总是达到这些理想,并且正在努力做得更好.


617888九五至尊娱乐是解决问题和改善人们生活的有力工具. But it has been used to do harm 和 obstruct progress as well. 的 story of science’s role in supporting racist oppression is long 和 shameful, including medical 和 surgical experiments performed without consent on 被奴役的黑人他们的后代优生学理论认为 受到纳粹种族意识形态的启发 导致了成千上万的 强制堕胎 of Black, Native 和 Latinx people in the US.

Today, racism continues to distort science in important ways, such as the persistence of racist theories of intelligencesignificant gaps in medical knowledge 和 healthcare outcomes for 有色人种社区 driven in large part by decades of research focused primarily on white men. 因此,许多种族边缘化群体的成员对617888九五至尊娱乐617888九五至尊娱乐家持一种有充分根据的不信任态度,这不足为奇.

然而, when science is engaged on the side of 只是ice, 这是至关重要的, game-changing resource for burdened communities. 因此,617888九五至尊娱乐家和他们的盟友利用他们的专业知识来解决公平问题并建立信任是至关重要的, equal partnerships with people fighting for 只是ice.

Addressing racial equity in our work

加州大学洛杉矶分校将种族平等的承诺纳入我们的宣传活动和项目,并将其作为组织的优先事项. We still have a long way to go, but we are learning 和 improving. 以下是我们在过去几年的517888九五至尊娱乐和评论的一些例子,种族平等一直是一个重要的焦点.


Fenceline communities located near chemical plants, 炼油厂, 和 other hazardous sites face elevated risks of serious illness 和 death. And they are likely to be 有色人种社区.


617888九五至尊娱乐 change is ultimately everybody's problem. But 有色人种社区 are often on the front lines, hit "first 和 worst" by climate impacts such as hurricanes, 海平面上升, 极端高温.


Our food system's failures hit people of color hardest, whether it's lack of access to healthy food, exploitation of food 和 farm workers, or the erasure of 印第安人 foodways.


少数几个国家的极少数决策者把核武器带来的生存危险强加给世界其他地区, 将数十亿美元从急需的事业转移到这些破坏稳定和不公正的武器上. 的 前线的社区 最受伤害的是生产, 测试, 和 use of nuclear weapons are disproportionately from Indigenous communities, 有色人种社区, 低收入, 农村社区. Eliminating nuclear weapons is essential to creating a 只是 可持续发展的未来.


在一个健康的517888九五至尊娱乐国家, 被边缘化的社区可以利用政治制度来克服不平等——但在美国, 地区歧视, 选民的抑制, 和 other forms of 剥夺公民选举权 too often block that path.


Whether it's life-or-death issues like gun 暴力 research, more subtle but far-reaching topics like search algorithms, or career opportunities in STEM fields, people of color lack access or face barriers to technical information, 资源, 和参与.

Addressing racial equity as an organization

As an organization, we are continually building capacity to 促进种族平等 在我们努力完成使命的过程中. 这一努力的一部分包括创造一种鼓励围绕隐性偏见进行沟通和学习的组织文化, 制度性和结构性种族主义, 和 how these issues play out within our workplace, 在我们研究的问题中, 在美国社会中更为广泛. 所有UCS员工都接受基本的种族平等培训,以确保我们共享语言和概念.

除了, 我们重新设计了招聘流程,以增加空缺职位候选人的种族多样性.

UCS致力于建立一个包容的517888九五至尊娱乐场所文化,让不同背景的人才能够茁壮成长. 我们相信,欢迎不同的观点将改善517888九五至尊娱乐,并为所有人带来更好的社会和环境成果, including historically disenfranchised communities. Staff participate in this commitment both internally, in building a welcoming workplace culture, 种族平等是我们617888九五至尊娱乐分析和竞选活动不可或缺的组成部分